AtData Opt-Out Requests

You may have opt-out rights with respect to the personal data maintained by AtData, subject to certain jurisdiction specific requirements and subject to certain exceptions and limitations.

To exercise these rights or otherwise opt out of our services, please complete the form below.

For more information about how we collect, use, and disclose personal data, please review our Privacy Policy. To exercise other rights related to personal data that may be available to you, please use our privacy rights request form.

Opt Out of Sale or Sharing Through the Use of Cookies

To opt out of AtData’s sale or sharing of personal data for cross-context behavioral advertising or targeted advertising on AtData’s behalf through the use of cookies, please click “Opt Out” below.

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Opt Out of AtData Services

Please complete the form below to submit a request to opt out of the following AtData services: (1) sharing personal data about you for targeted advertising or cross-context behavioral advertising; (2) selling personal data about you; (3) using personal data about you for profiling for decisions that have significant effects; or (4) processing personal data about you for direct marketing purposes.

To make a request related to AtData’s mobile device services, you will need to locate and enter your device’s Advertising ID, as described below.

  1. To locate your Advertising ID on Android devices: Settings // Google Services // Ads // Your Advertising ID
  2. To locate your Advertising ID on iOS devices: An easy way to find your device's IDFA value is to use an app called The Identifiers. After launching the app, you can find your device's IDFA listed in the middle of the screen.